Is my file secure?

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Can someone try to open this?



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Re: Is my file secure?

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what is it ?

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Re: Is my file secure?

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Edit the file and you will see:
"RescoR64 3.00 Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider v 1.0

"Resco Explorer 2005 can keep your critical and sensitive
data from prying eyes. It natively supports the RC2 (40bit)
and DES (56bit) algorithms on all platforms. On Windows
Mobile 2003 or higher devices it also supports the more
powerful RC2-128, DES-56, 3DES TWO KEY-112, and 3DES-168
encodings. Older PPC 2002 and 2000 handhelds must install
Microsoft’s High Encryption Package to obtain the higher
level encryptions."

It's a utility for Pocket PC. If your version is using RC2 or
DES it's insecure. If it's using a well implemented 3DES it
can be secure, but there are other ways to obtain your data.
(other than cracking the encryption e.g. recovering plaintext
versions of encrypted files).

You are asking your question in the wrong way.
You should ask if somebody knows a good encryption utility
for PocketPC. is a better group for such questions.

PS. If you would ask your question in the good way you would
probably get an answer like this:

"POCKETCRYPT - Protects your Pocket PC

PocketCrypt is a disk encryption software for PocketPC. It
protects all sensitive information encrypting them with
strong AES 256bit keeping them safe, even if the device is
stolen or lost...."


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