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I mull over how installation of IPS
device can increase security of data
center where the only service are http,
https and domain.

Could someone help me in deliberations ?


Re: IPS + data center

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Would it help to say that among the paths to intrusion most favored by
attackers are attacks against web applications?  

Without IDS/IPS there's nothing alerting you to suspicious http attack
signatures, and nothing locking out the IP's of script kiddies running
scripted attacks against common web application errors.

IPS isn't a substitute for having your web applications and server
configuration pen tested though, to identify vulnerabilities.

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Todd H.
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Re: IPS + data center

Todd H. wrote:

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A wonderful example why such IPSs are stupid. The "script kiddies" will
spoof IP addresses of important hosts and your IP blocking will turn into a

Only a fool would implement automatic reactions to IDS events.

Re: IPS + data center

Sebastian Gottschalk napisaƂ(a):
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True. But I can turn off DOS blocking option for several host.
I'am convinced that IPS in corporate network will very useful but what with data
center ?

Does IPS help securing serwers agains XSS, SQL injection, buffer overflow code
sending to server ? What else ?

And the final question is: what is the sense to shell 80k$ for such device ?

Re: IPS + data center

mikahan wrote:

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If you turn off the part of the IPS that puts in the reaction to the
events, then you basically have an IDS.

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An IPS is never useful. An IDS might be, depending on your scenario.

Generally, and IDS in a corporate network is indeed a very bad idea, since
it requires a lot of maintain, but provides only little security benefit.
With a data center, you requirements might be neater, which would increase
the benefit and narrow the necessary maintain.

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That depends on the IPS. Even with signature-based approaches, many
implementation do not take action on the initial event, but rather only
following events matching the signature of the initial events - thus, if it
reacts, it might already be too late.

What about securing the servers themselves instead?

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