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I don't know if this is appropriate for this list or not.

How can I remove ALL of the temp files that IE creates? I have tried to
do so in safe mode and I am denied - I get a message telling me that
the files are in use.

What to do?



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Re: Internet Explorer temp files...

Jim Seavey wrote:
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In IE, Tools>Internet Options>Temporary Internet Files (about halfway
down) and click Delete Files. Hope that solves it.

Re: Internet Explorer temp files...

Jack Underwood wrote:
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Unless IE has changed a bunch, it won't get rid of all the files.

On the other topic, having any files in the temp directory that cannot
be removed in safe mode sounds like it is attached to a critical core
service or something.  What version of windows are you running?

I have found situations where certain third-party software appears to
put Temporary Internet Files in alternative locations.  My teenager has
been downloading all sorts of cr//.. I mean "important music files"..
and her downloader seems to put itself in a pretty emminent position on
the PC she uses.  There is a gif in her
/Docum1~/profile/Local1~/Tempor1~/ directory with all sorts of
attributes that cannot be deleted even in safe mode.  That machine is
running W2K..  I have been researching it in a leisurely fashion, but
there is nothing out there on the phenomenon (so far).


Re: Internet Explorer temp files...

Wolf Halton wrote:
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A good rule of thumb is to only erase files prior to the current date.

Temp files are frequently used in the current session, and erasing them,
if possible, could lead to problems.


Re: Internet Explorer temp files...

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download and run ccleaner from , it's free and finds and
delestes all these

Re: Internet Explorer temp files...

On 11 Jul 2005 17:49:32 GMT, "Jim Seavey"

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I find that Process Explorer gives me the
capacity to see what processes are keeping files open.  You can kill
many of these processes freeing up the files for deletion.  Generally,
temp files used by ie are also used by explorer which is your desktop.

Open a DOS prompt (you can't delete some of these files from Windows)
Kill the relevent processes in Process Explorer
Delete the files in the DOS Window [I have a bat file which deletes
*.dat & *.txt in all the Temp directories]
Use Process Explorer to restart things like explorer.exe.
(Defrag the disk.)

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