Internet and kids

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My kids spend hours with the Internet and I have no idea about the risks
that they are exposed to. I wouldn't like to limit their privacy but on the
other hand to control somehow their operation, at list if they deliver
personal details like , telephone, email, credit card details, street
address etc
Is there some software tool that support that?

Thanks in advance

Re: Internet and kids

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First, the non-technical solutions:
        Put the computer in the middle of the house in a public,
        highly trafficked area where you are frequently.  Not in a
        room that gives any privacy.     No piece of software can
        replace this parenting tool.   Nor can having long and
        repeated dialogue with your kids about the importance of not
        disclosing personaly identifiable information.  There's a long
        list of horror stories out there.   Get versed in these and
        don't be afraid to scare the livin crap out of your kids about
        possible scenario's.  I'm not sure you can over-frighten kids
        about internet dangers.

Now, in answer to your original question, there are privacy programs
out there that attempt to thwart disclosure of the things you list.
Their efficacy is not something I can personally vouch for however.
Many internet security suites include some sort of software that
purports to block submissions of these details out there, but I'm also
sure none of them are perfect.

Kaspersky internet security suite claims "prevents confidential
information (such as passwords, bank account numbers and credit card
details) being stolen from your computer."   Doesn't say anything
about keeping your kid from IMing things in chat rooms though.

Norton internet security claims "Prevents confidential information
from being sent without your permission"

Another thing to look into if you have broadband especially is a
router that has parental control features whereby things can be block
at the router rather than on the computer where smart kids exchange
info with each other on getting around them.  Then again a smart
enough kid will figure out the router based blocks too, but if they're
that bright, start hiring them out on small business consulting
engagements for $60-$100/hr--should keep em out of trouble!

But before doing any of that hard stuff--do the easy thing of getting
that computer in a central location so you can do old fashioned low
tech parenting looking over their shoulder.

Best Regards,
Todd H. /

Re: Internet and kids

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There is a peopleware tool that addresses the problem: parenting.

I'm not just being flip - any software tool is, at best, a secondary,
inferior line of defence.  For instance, how do you keep your kids from
buying drugs at school?  Presumably, by educating them about the risks and
dangers and giving them guidelines on how to respond, not by installing a
monitoring tool.  

Same for the internet.  If you don't want them giving out things like
addresses, credit card numbers, etc, then tell them.  And explain there
will be "logical consequences" for non-compliance such as loss of computer
privileges for some period (commensurate with the violation and their
determination to do better, of course).  Kids may grumble but deep down
they appreciate clear guidelines, and firm, fair justice - it adds to their
sense of security and confidence.

And you also say something that is mildly disquieting: "...I have no idea
about the risks that they are exposed to."   Then educate yourself.  Not to
the "nth degree" but passably at least.  If not, do you really think some
tool can substitute for your ignorance?  No! In fact, there's a signicant
risk it will give you a false sense of security.


Re: Internet and kids

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In which case your kids know more than you about
computers and will quickly circumvent any software
you might install to limit their activities and
censor what they can do.

You need to do some research on possible problems and
talk to them about it to make sure they understand, in
the same way that you might warn them about other risks
in life.  The computer and internet is no different.

There's some stuff to read here /

However, the emphasis should be on talking to your kids
rather than trying to spy on what they are up to.

Finally if they run file sharing software and do all the
other things that kids will do they will trash the machine's
software so be prepared to reload the operating system and
do not keep any important information on a machine used by
your children.

I recently got a bunch of email responses to one of my
websites from some third grade kids so it seems they are
encouraged to use the internet at school and email total

The message that has me puzzled was the kid who just said

'I have a big head and small arms'

Hope he did not mean he was a paranoid gun collector.
Jim Watt 

Re: Internet and kids

Mandi wrote:
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Key loggers are useful and generally designed to be sneaky.  For when
you can't be around to keep an eye on them.  Take a look at: or and
Google around for some other alternatives.


Re: Internet and kids

Mandi;99242 Wrote:
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Mandi i agree its very important to monitor our kids while they are
using computer and secure our computer privacy ... for doing this u can
use different software and contact company providing services like that
..i had contact 'InfoLockTech' ( ) for
securing my computer privacy i got some problem with my pc regarding
security issue but i have fixed them ...i would like you to contact
them and let them know  about your issue...

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