Image-based security codes

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I've recently installed a bunch of programs (firewall, anti-virus, spy
removal, ad blockers, etc...) following the advice of some folks online.
I'm reaping the benefits in dramatic fashion as my computer is now running
better and faster than ever before.  The only problem is that now I'm
wanting to register as a user on the site so I can stay "dialed in" and
perhaps learn a thing or two every once in a while.  Part of the
registration process involves transcribing a 6-digit image-based security
code.  I understand the rationale for using these things but it seems that
my firewall won't allow the images to load, hence I cannot view the code.
I'd rather not completely disable my firewall.  Is there a specific setting
I can modify temporarily to allow this image to load?


Re: Image-based security codes

M. B. wrote:
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  In you´re browser (if you are useing Firefox), there is an tab in the
settings alowing you to alowed pictures from other web sites.

Re: Image-based security codes

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Chances are that it's XP's built-in popup blocker (doing this via email
would tend to provoke a specific message)

Alternatively, you'll have to give us a small clue as to what other stuff
you've installed... because (in this specific case), it's broken. Give us a
clue, and I'm sure /someone/ will be able to point you how to unbreak it.


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Re: Image-based security codes

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It turns out that making the website a trusted site (on Internet Explorer)
and adding it to the "Allowed" list on Norton Internet Security fixed the
issue.  Thanks for the comments and interest!


Re: Image-based security codes

Veering off topic, what are these utilities commonly called? Can one buy
the software to implement them at your own site? Thanks


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