How to secure your communication across the planet

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Say you want to have a conference with 6 people at the same time, 4 of
them getting group messages and and the other 2 getting only personal
messages sent to them, and you want nobody else to receive the
communication.. (well, it would help if your not already compromised (I
use WMHT OS Zx86)..
This method will work on your computer, or any cellphone with an ssh
client (might wanna rip the bios off your phone and reverse engineer it to
remove unwanted insecurities..)

The Encrypted chat server is currently down at time of posting, should be
back up soon if you would like to demo the technology.

Magizian's encrypted chatserver..
the address is:
irc:// case you forget or haven't connected yet.

(the bbs chatroom is prettier in my opinion but this chat is designed more
for multi-layer encrypted chat across networks with more user ease.)
telnet:// <- the BBS
The BBS can be accessed securely with a free ssh tunnel account on the
same server.

The front website is

If your not familiar with telnet, use the java app on the website: OR

If your not familiar with irc, start by typing:   /join #magizia

To begin encrypting chat between users via   /msg username message
both users must type:
/encrypt otherusersname passphraseforencryption
where the passphrase must be the same.

To begin encrypting your chat in or sent to a room, type:
/encrypt #roomname passphraseforencryption
and only users in the room with same passphrase will get sent the message.

This is only meant for private messaging between users on the server, it
is not secure across the internet.
It's also fairly common.

The next level of encryption entails you getting a free tunneling account
and tunneling your irc data over the same server via ssh2 encryption. This
will encrypt data between your computer and the chatserver.
( ask me for a tunnel account ~ you will not be able to shell to the
server from it ;-p )
to establish your tunnel use the command:
ssh -2 -C -c blowfish-cbc -p 20022 -l username_I_setup_for_you -D 8888

[if you want to use an ssh client like putty, the instructions are a bit
different if you've never established an ssh tunnel before]
then connect to the irc server at using as a proxy.
[does not work with mirc and other irc clients that don't pass all
/commands to the server]

The third layer of encrytion entails you using a private encryption
algorytm over level two and one.
.. and it can go infinitely further in complexity, uniqueness, etc..
unending strength of encryption.
use your own or buy custom ones made by me.
.course this level of security might not help you if your computer is
already compromised.

Feel free to use this chat service for personal..
..if you are interested in getting your own encrypted comm server for
your work or personal environment,
would like Magizian HyperTurbo Networking installed, or
would like to upgrade your servers and workstations to WinDoze Magizia
HyperTurbo OS Zx86,
..mail Magizian on the BBS.

Also, you might want to make sure your dealing with the real me.. I have
methods of proving my identity.

Hunter Reon Barnes


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