Home Depot and social security numbers; #2

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Employers.  Discover if your employee has applied for a job
at Home Depot using his ssn and zip code.   Home Depot was
informed of this process.

goto http://www.homedepot.com /

(at bottom of page) -->"Corporate Info"."Careers"

(righthand side "Career Search") Scrollbox = "In-store" and set a


Select a store in the zipcode area you previously selected.

You are now at the job listings.  Pick on and apply.

Indicate you forgot your "User ID/password"

Indicate you forgot your "User ID"

Enter you zip code and SSN.

Then, don't answer the secret question, but instead hit the back BACK

And... here's that SSN owner's User ID.

Nice use of the SSN... they very LAST thing that should show up on a

You seem to be able to execise this endlessly (bot target?) if you use
browser (firefox) back button to go back 2 screens.  If you go back
you wind up way out and have to select area and jobs all over again.

I suppose Fleetfarm ccould checkup on employees... see if any are
jumping ship. :-)

I wonder if the business logic is dipping into the Home Depot credit
You may be able to discover who has Home Depot credit accounts.. who
Heck, they may be using the SSN as the account key.  I've seen people
do it.

Once you are in the system, they will not purge the data, they are
"unable".  (per support at customercare@homedepot.com)  Pro set up.

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