Help to get history on computer,bank account been emptied

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This is my situation....
My wifes internet bank account got a few Łk stolen from it, this only
happened over the last few days. She is in denial that she opened any
`dodgy` emails or links to anywhere. The police and the bank are involved
and we should get the money paid back. I will reformat the computer very
soon as a precaution, however before I do that I would like if it is at all
possible to backtrack her history of emails/web sites/links and see if I can
find anything that may indicate where this went wrong.
Currently on the system are Sygate firewall and AVG anti virus also run
spybot every so often and using windows XP.
Any help with this would be appreciated.

Re: Help to get history on computer,bank account been emptied

S S wrote:
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Eh... wrong attitude! The bank has to prove that she initiated the money
transfer. Or did you actually sign something?

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So why don't you create an image of the harddisk first and analyze it lat=

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translated: You don't have any clue about computer security and
intentionally fucked up your system. One can get you at least
partitially liable for the damage.

Re: Help to get history on computer,bank account been emptied

On Thu, 06 Jul 2006 13:06:01 +0200, Sebastian Gottschalk

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ignore Gottschalk as he hasn't got a fucking clue

If you believe your computer is the problem, formatting the hard disk
is not a good idea as it will remove evidence.  Buy a new HD and
install that, the cost is minimal

Some banks require that you run  anti-virus software and a firewall
and you have done so.

The bank should be able to provide information on what has happened
and you are more likely to get sense from them and the police.
Jim Watt 

Re: Help to get history on computer,bank account been emptied

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Thanks guys....
As it turns out there was a few accounts in the area were emptied all from
the same bank/branch and so far the police think someone has accessed the
banks system and got the information from there and not via the internet,
they have then gone on to use the info to access the accounts over the
internet. The bank has reimbused the money.

Re: Help to get history on computer,bank account been emptied

On Sun,  9 Jul 2006 00:48:25 +0200 (CEST), George Orwell

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"By installing anti-virus software and making sure that it is running
at all times, you will help to protect your system from known viruses
aimed at compromising your PC which can be sent via attachments within
emails or by disk. This is a vital piece of software to have and to
use. Also it's important to keep this software up to date to protect
against more recent viruses. You can usually do this by accessing
downloads from your anti-virus software supplier.

Using anti-virus software will reduce the chances of people being able
to fraudulently capture your PBN, memorable answer or PIN/Password, or
being able to access your computer whilst you are logged on to
Internet Banking."

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If they require things you must do,  and you don't then in the event
of a problem they have a let out.

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You are just upset because I didn't tell you my secure method of
generating passwords.  Get over it and don't be so offensive.
Jim Watt 

Re: Help to get history on computer,bank account been emptied

On Sun,  9 Jul 2006 19:05:08 +0200 (CEST), George Orwell


You asked for a bank that require their clients to use AV
software on PC used for electronic banking.  

HSBC do, but you need to open an account to see
the exact wording as its in the signup procedure..

I don't see any point in wasting time on 'nobodies'

Jim Watt 

Re: Help to get history on computer,bank account been emptied

On Mon, 10 Jul 2006 04:01:56 +0200 (CEST), George Orwell

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You clearly have some problem with understanding things

Protect Your Computer:

Install Firewall software on your home and networked computers to
prevent unauthorized  individuals from gaining access to your
computer system to use files, obtain personal  information or to
destroy computer data. This is especially important on computers  
that use a broadband connection to access the Internet (Cable modems
or DSL).  

Since your Internet connection is on when your computer is on, the
risk for malicious  activity to your computer increases. Three
popular sources for firewall software are  Symantec, McAfee and
Computer Associates®.

Run an Anti-Virus program on your computer on a regular, frequent
basis to prevent  computer viruses or worms from entering your
computer system. Purchase programs  that automatically upgrade your
virus protection on a regular basis.

Don't share access to your computer with strangers. Disable the
'File and Printer  Sharing' capabilities on your computer to prevent
anyone on the Internet from  browsing or deleting your computer
files. Check your computer's User Guide  for instructions specific
to your setup, or go online to the manufacturer for instructions.

Regularly check your computer manufacturer's (hardware/operating
system)  Web site for"patches" and"updates" to your system or
browser to insure your  computer system has the latest security
upgrades installed.

Learn about computer infections and be aware of the latest computer
viruses ,  worms  , Trojan Horses and other malicious programs
designed to damage  your computer or steal your personal information.

Don't open e-mail or e-mail attachments from unknown sources.
Scan e-mail through your anti-virus software first.



2.1 You agree to comply with the Terms and the security procedures
detailed in them.  You also agree to comply with any instructions or
recommendations we may issue to  you from time to time about
security when using the Service or the Website.

2.2 You must keep all your Security Details secure and secret at all
times and take  steps to prevent unauthorised use of them. For

(a) Never write or otherwise record any Security Details in a way
that can be  understood by someone else.
(b) Never tell any of your Security Details to anyone else including
our staff.
(c) Destroy any advice from us concerning your Security Details
promptly  after receipt.
(d) Avoid choosing Security Details which may be easy for others to
guess.   Never record any of your Security Details on any software
which retains it automatically   (for example, any computer screen
prompts or `save password' feature  or the like on your internet

2.3 You agree that you will only access the Service using a computer
which has installed  on it up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware
software, a firewall and security patches.

2.4 Once you have logged on to the Service, you must not leave the
internet terminal  at any time or let anyone else use the internet
terminal until you have logged off the  Service. You will be
responsible for ensuring that you have logged off the Service and  
closed down the browser you have used for connection to that service
at the end of any session.  

2.5 You must not access the Service from any computer connected to a
local area network  (LAN) or public internet access device or access
point without first making sure that no  one else will be able to
observe or copy your access to the Service by pretending to be you.


Their security advice is applicable to other situations, however
in the terms of service which as I have previously mentioned one
accepts in order to use the service, its a requirement rather than
a suggestion.

Feel free to discuss the merits of clause 2.3 with HSBC as you
will no doubt claim I am making it up  - however its exactly as
stated in my original posting.

And you are still a nobody.

Jim Watt

"Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game because
they almost always turn out to be - or to be indistinguishable from -
sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time."

... Neil Stephenson, Cryptonomicon

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