(help from Tokyo) dumpsec problems while dumping user and group information

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I am running dumpsec.exe as the local administrator like so:

DUMPSEC.exe /rpt=groups /outfile=dumpsec_groups.csv /saveas=csv

Problem is that the built-in groups and accounts are not appearing in
the output?

I verified by hand these groups still exist on these systems. This is
constants throughout 30 some Windows XP and Win2K systems.

any thoughts?

Is there some setting on these systems I may be missing?

These systems differ from the test lab in that they also have the East
Asian Language pack installed. Is it possible that when installing the
East Asian Language pack that some of the these built-in user and
groups had there descriptions made into Japanese characters causing
dumpsec to choke?

anyway.... I know this is shooting for the moon, but just maybe
someone out there has run into something similar.

Thanks from Tokyo!

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