HDD erasure , including spare space ( G-list) ed.

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ECC data failures , swaps out bad sectors for spares.
but leaves old data on the dead sectors.
not good. with 10% spare space , you can not touch.
then comes, this company how , obviously have reversed engineered the
BIOS of the major

they say they can reset the G-list (grown bad list)
if that is true , we could DOD erase , run Glist reset then DOD erase 1
more time and the
drive is empty.

does anyone know if they are real and their product really works?


seems to cost $450 to find out.

thanks for any help

Re: HDD erasure , including spare space ( G-list) ed.


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If you really want to destroy a disk do it mechanically, its
the only way to be really sure.
Jim Watt          

Re: HDD erasure , including spare space ( G-list) ed.

[a bunch of incomprehensible sentence fragments]

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I'm not familiar with this particular company, but the field of data
recovery is quite real and does work.  The one I'm familiar with by
virtue of a long history of print advertising, and a large writeup in
PC Magazine recently is Ontrack:
        http://www.ontrack.com /

The pretty interesting article PC Mag did on them is here.  To test em
out, the magazine sent them a drive they'd tossed in a campfire....

I was surprised at how little it cost to get an evaluation on the
recovery, and that they do have do it yourself kits they can send if
the drive is electrically and mechanically intact.    Yes they do live
and die on proprietary software they've developed themselves.

Best Regards,
Todd H.
http://www.toddh.net /

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