HDD encryption

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I would like to be able to encrypt whole hard drive, or at least each

I know PGP 9.0 offers this, but I stumbled upon an app called

Anyone uses such encryption?
What are your experiences?


Re: HDD encryption

Ann Onimus wrote:
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DriveCrypt is more a "virtual encrypted container" piece of software.

If you're looking at whole disk encryption, the same company writes
DriveCrypt Plus Pack (DCPP).

You might also Google "hard drive encryption," for a plethora of hits.


Re: HDD encryption

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Yeah, I know that.

Have you tried it?

Re: HDD encryption

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I have used a number of full-HD encryption products including DCPP
(Drivecrypt).  My systems are currently protected with Safeboot Solo
(which is no longer available, except as a corporate multi-seat version)
which is rock-stable.  

One interesting one I used briefly (but with complete satisfaction) is
Compusec - and it's free for personal use.  

I have also briefly tried Safeguard Easy from Utimaco (worked fine).

One other which I have not tried is Winmagic's Securedoc.

None of these is open-source, unfortunately.

Just one point: While some are extremely robust (you can pull the power
while Safeboot or Compusec are encrypting for the first time and on
rebbot they will recover and continue without a hiccup) you should make a
full image backup of your drive before using any of them in case
something goes wrong.


PS   While it's not very active anymore the newsgroup
alt.security.scramdisk used to discuss all the disk encryption products.

Re: HDD encryption

nemo_outis wrote:
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I've been using DriveCrypt, for a number of years, without any problems.

I'd like to try one of the full disk encryption programs, but, unfortunately,
none of them seem to support RAID arrays.


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