Has SecurStar been compromised?

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Has SecurStar been compromised? My guess is "YES"!

I purchased a SecurSurf account a while back, though I rarerly used it,
mostly for surfing sites from the Middle East without inviting a visit from
the JBGTs.

However, a few weeks back, it simply stopped working.

Then it started again -- but with an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SET of encryption
keys. SecurStar won't respond to the question about the server having been
compromised, and the level of their customer service seems to have changed--
no responses, responses that are non sequiter, evasive, and so on.
"Technicians" that seem to know nothing about security, SecurStar's
products, or the actions of the company over the last year.

The change in keys and SecuStar's refusal to respond to questions aboput the
security of their system make me very suspicious. Maybe I just ran into a
string of morons who *aren't* affiliated with LEA, but for safety sake I
have to assume they are, and SecurStar has been compromised.


Re: Has SecurStar been compromised?

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I hope you did not ask them if they have been compromised because thats
a pretty lame question, if they have they will be under some gagging
order banning them from telling you.

But you are just speculating, they may have changed the keys to improve
their security or because some dozen more of possible reasons.

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any over the last year.

This level of customer service is disgusting I would ditch any service that
does not reply to customer emails, not because they are unsafe but because
the day you have some serious problems you are on your own,no need to pay
for that.

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Speculation, but all you know is that they changed their encryption keys
and do not reply to emails.Maybe you are right, maybe not.

You may find some information in privacy.li forums as SecurStar are simply
resellers, it is probable that if they changed the encryption keys they  
did for all privacy.li servers.

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