GPU security issues

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So now we have video cards with programmable GPU's more powerful
than the main CPU.  Are we going to see new security threats and
viruses that execute via  the GPU instead of the CPU  ?

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for specialized tasks

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Ehm... no? Why? I don't see any logic conclusion in that.

Re: GPU security issues

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 In my opinion security is moving in two directions as it matures. One
on a macro scale as how do large networks of semi-autonomous networks
cause emergent properties that impact CIA. The second is that security
is moving to the micro level. Not unlike the human bodies ability to
identify rogue parts of a body, computers will become increasingly
"paranoid" and authentication will occur between hardware and software
within a machine. One of the first cases of this is the high
definition copyright protection called Advanced Content Security
Solution (ACSS). If you read the docs on this, the system requires
constant checking for tampering with a secure execution path. This
along with the secure bootup sequence found in some operating systems
does not guarantee security, just guarantees that the operating system
is functioning as coded. Thank god that no-one has figured out how to
write a virus in the GPU as except for ACSS in vista the bus where the
GPU is connected to is not encrypted.  So the question is, how much
trust should the CPU place in the GPU, its bus or the hard drive?

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