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Re: Google Warning... [Good News!]

Michael Pelletier wrote:
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The problem might disappear. There has been a lot of DNS poisoning going
round lately. would explain his symptoms. There is a Win DNS exploit
making the rounds (not if things are properly patched). Articles:,aid,120448,00.asp,39020396,39194296,00.htm

I suspect his ISP DNS may have had an issue, but this is just a guess.


Re: Google Warning... [Good News!]

| ...I would still do a little foresics if I were you...problems just do not
| go away like that...
| Michael
| --
| "Trusted Computing" is a SCAM
| Protect your rights

ASfter he ran the McAfee Command Line Scanner set in an agressive mode, NOTHING
was found
including adware.

It is my theory that the dynamic IP address used by DD was blocked by Google.
When his IP
lease was up DD got a new IP address that was not blocked by Google.  This is
similar to to
the problem of email being blocked for spamming and the IP address is in a
blacklist.  A new
IP address lease then gioves the person an address not in a blacklist and their
problem is over.


Re: Google Warning... [Good News!]

DD wrote:

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Sounds like your ISP uses a transparent proxy server. I've been seeing that
alot with my current Broadband ISP and it's beginning to irritate me
because I dislike ending up with someone elses web page from the cache.

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