Glieder (aka Bagle, version eightysomething)

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 The new Bagle variant will loot and destroy.

Mark my words. This evil worm acts intelligently, like never seen
before. Win32.Glieder (aka Bagle) attacks virusses, and than uses them
for personal purposes. It's like "the Thing" sneeking inside "Alien"
in your computer.

Watch your mail,... but don't expect to notice what you are looking
for. The trick is that multiple versions of Glieder (Bagle) are
allready found by security companies allover our Globe. The worm uses
you maillist to spread, closes down Windows Update (well,... perhaps
not the worst thing), but doing that, it seperates the user from any
help he/she could recieve from Microshoot.

The naste news is that there is bad company. Along with Glieder, you
will get infected by Win32.Mitglieder. This will close down your
firewall,... oh yes,.. and also your antivirus.

 Meawhile i'll update my antivirus definition.
And so should you before you go to bed.

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