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I'd like to try a packet sniffer program and am looking for something
free and easy to use.  I found two online:  1) Plastic Sniffer, 2) IP

Any feedback or recommendations?

Re: Free Packet Sniffers

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 03:09:53 -0500, Edw.Peach wrote:

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Re: Free Packet Sniffers

I also suggest Ethereal from /

tcpdump from will alow to capture
data in a file for further analysis

Google is also your friend : =

Maxime Ducharme

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Re: Free Packet Sniffers

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These are really the last word in free packet sniffing.   Ethereal is
the stuff.

Todd H. /

Re: Free Packet Sniffers

Todd H. wrote:
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While I use ethereal, it is a valid product, there are several exploits
against ethereal and several viruses which can elude ethereal detection
IF it is loaded on an infected machine.  I recommend using it on a
separate device from the machine being monitored even though it can work
  fairly well monitoring on the local machine.  When running in the
local machine to monitor local machine activity, streaming media can be
problematic with low end (slow) devices.

But ethereal is almost as good as having a dedicated sniffer device. We
have used the box with taps in closets for several years, it has been
fairly reliable giving us what we need.

I prefer the nix versions but it is a good and stable product in nix and
winx environs.  Concur with tcpdump suggested above as essential to the


Re: Free Packet Sniffers

It depends, are you using it for network monitoring or wardriving? The
actual "sniffing" doesn't make a difference but there are a lot that
automatically decipher WEP encryption..

Re: Free Packet Sniffers

I never heard of this term, 'wardriving.'  I couldn't emphasize enough
how much I meant it when I said I was not really a technician.  I'd
love to learn more about how all of this works.

My AV software found some malware the end of last month.  I removed it
but that wasn't enough.  Last week when a number of my contacts were
not getting my email, I became suspicious.  My AV software (Trend
Micro) 'seemed' to be working okay (showing frequent updates) but I
was unable to manually download definitions and that made me
suspicious.  An online AV scan from Trend Micro revealed three
malicious items found on my computer, TRAK_SE, TROJ_SE, and HTTP
COOKIES.  I removed those, uninstalled my AV program, reinstalled (and
got fresh updates), and then ran three more online scans, all clean.

I've noticed recently that when I get online (broadband) my
connections are VERY slow at first, and when I check my three email
accounts at Yahoo, that besides being really slow, the third one has
been timing out.  I never had that problem before.  There just seems
to be excessively long delays when I access sites.  That's why I got
to thinking that perhaps there is some other reason, other than the
internet might be particularly busy, that was causing my slow
response.  After I visit a few sites, it runs much faster.  I thought
something might be acting as an intermediary between my site request
and the actual site.  Though I am not quite sure how all this works, I
would like to find out more and thought, if I could decipher the sorts
of information I would get from a program that sniffs me, I might be
able to confirm that 'something' is still interested in what I'm
doing.  My emails seem to be getting through okay.

 I really do not want to do a reformat/reinstall job at this time if I
can possibly avoid it.  

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Re: Free Packet Sniffers

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 16:44:44 GMT, "Maxime Ducharme"

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Thanks.  I did that before I posted and don't know a good program from
a bad one.  I'm not an internet whiz.

Thanks for the links.

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