Folder Lock: How secure?? Anything better?

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I've recently installed an encryption program called Folder Lock that uses
256-bit Blowfish and hides files in a "Locker" folder.

Trouble is the passwords are restricted to about 12-15 characters, they are
not case-sensitive, and only textual (alphabetic and numeric) charters can
be used.

Also, I've read that data can be decrypted simply by moving the Locker
folder to a new directory and re-installing the program, creating a new
password and then it will helpfully unencrypted the data previously
encrypted with a different password.

Does anyone have any experience using Folder Lock?  Just how secure is it?
Would the severe limit on passwords in relation to their length and non-case
sensitive, textual characters only mean that someone could easily hack the
data files and quickly determine the password using another program?

I'm wanting to secure my laptop in the event of theft, as well as to secure
files stored on a flash drive.  It doesn't have to withstand the most
sophisticated attacks, but it has to be robust enough so that a computer
hacker won't gain access.

Any thoughts on Folder Lock or suggestions for other relatively simple and
reliable encryption programs would be appreciated.

Folder Lock has the advantage of a very simple interface and avoids all of
the PGP sort of complexity etc that you often encounter with encryption
programs.  The thing is, does it work?

Any helpful comments would be much appreciated.


Re: Folder Lock: How secure?? Anything better?

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I've never used Folder Lock.  I've previously used, and liked /

Regards, Dave Hodgins

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Re: Folder Lock: How secure?? Anything better?

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I've never used filder lock but I've always heard good things about
blowfish.  Apparently, there are about 150 other programs that use blowfish
besides folder lock. You might feel better w/ one of them.

Re: Folder Lock: How secure?? Anything better?

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I'll second David's recommendation for TrueCrypt.  It mounts a
container file as a disk drive and anything written/read to this
drive is encrypted.
o  It's freeware
o  It has 11 encryption algorithms to choose including Blowfish & AES
o  Maximum password length is 64 characters, case sensitive.
o  It's open-source
o  You can open container files over a network.
o  Easy to use.
Check it out



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