Faronics Deep Freeze Losing the Security War

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Faronics Deep Freeze has all but bitten the dust at this point. They
have been struggling to secure their program against a program called
Unfreezer by Emiliano Torres (a black hat programmer in Santa Rosario,
Argentina). In the last three versions of Deep Freeze, they have
completely failed to stop Unfreezer from being able to thaw systems
without the password. Each time they say they are "looking into it" and
"analyzing the situation", blah, blah, blah. But each time they come
out with a new version, Emiliano easily defeats it by updating
Unfreezer almost immediately. They are also trying to keep the
vulnerability a secret, saying nothing about it on their web site. They
released a patch in a lame attempt to stop Unfreezer, but did not tell
their customers it was available. Only those who requested help because
their systems were being hacked were given the patch. Otherwise no one
was told about it. In Deep Freeze Enterprise v5.70.220.1347, their
latest version, intended to put a permanent end to Unfreezer, it only
took Emiliano one week to update Unfreezer to kill even that version.
You could say Emiliano put an end to Deep Freeze!

Deep Freeze

http://usuarios.arnet.com.ar/fliamarconato /

If anyone knows a way to help me secure my network of over 65
computers, please advise here. I have lost complete confidence in Deep
Freeze. Faronics is dishonest, lame, stupid, and refuses to properly
secure their program against Unfreezer.

What are some good programs to secure desktops that can't be hacked?

Re: Faronics Deep Freeze Losing the Security War

johntangelo@gmail.com wrote:
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Well, there's always Linux-on-a-floppy combined with a central server
that holds the images... would require some custom work, but the price
cannot be beat.


Re: Faronics Deep Freeze Losing the Security War

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 You've mentioned Emiliano and the freeze problem before.  I had responded
that I really didn't consider him a black hat. Putting that aside for a
moment, if anyone would know which program works, it would be Emiliano
himself.  I would ask him directly.  Who else would know better but the guy
who can crack the system?

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