External Drive Encryption

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Which is better, safer, and more convenient:

1) An external drive with builtin encryption such as Beyond Micros version with
40-bit DES:

2) Software-based encryption such as TrueCrypt
http://www.truecrypt.org /

It seems to an unitiated person such as myself that (1) would be more convenient
and wouldn't drain my cpu, but I wasn't sure if it was safe.


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Re: External Drive Encryption

default wrote:

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Ehm... for $1000 you can break DES-40 within one second....

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Re: External Drive Encryption

"default" <default> wrote in

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1.  40-bit encryption is OK for light to medium duty but a serious
adversary can crack it over, say, a weekend.

2.  If the external drive will be sometimes/frequently attached to others'
drives on which you don't have administator rights it will be more
convenient (since Truecrypt needs these rights to install its driver).  

3.  Truecrypt has much stronger encrytion (256 bit) and it's open source
and free.  There is no discernible performance hit for using it even on old
weak CPUs.  It takes only ordinary skills to install Truecrypt (a firewall
is much trickier by comparison).


Re: External Drive Encryption

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40-bit key?  Geez, how old is this embeded algorithm in the controller
inside this external drive?  The smallest in TrueCrypt is 168 bits
(Triple DES but 56-bit DES, not 40-bit).

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Re: External Drive Encryption

On Apr 5, 8:29 am, "default" <default> wrote:
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with 40-bit
DES:http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp ?...
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40 bit DES is kinda weak. I would get a less expensive external drive
and just use TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt has a benchmarking utility in it to
help people find the best balance of speed and security. We use 256
bit AES and it seems to work well and it very very difficult to break.

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