Evidence Eliminator Great Program Insulting Constomer Serrvice

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Evidence Eliminator is a great program and I wouldn't be without it.
When I used Ghost to refresh my hard drive I lost the program. I had my
user name and key code.  I tried to get help from customer service. I
had forgotten how obnoxious they were, I had to buy the program again
which I don't mind because I have had it for years and it works great.
I just forgot how insulting and unhelpful their customer service is.

Their customer service has probably has more insulting messages then
all other software makers combined. Then they say be nice? Did it ever
occur to them that may be there is a reason, apart from the fact that
everyone who buys their program is an obnoxious moron that they have a
problem with customers?

I only wish they needed my help in understanding a problem about the
brain and I could say to them I already explained the limbic system
once if you didn't get the first time tough.

Below are messages from the site which shows that they have problems
with customers

Please do not send numerous multiple, repeated (reworded, rephrased or
otherwise) identical copies of your enquiry into our system within a
7-day period. If you 'spam' or abuse our systems your messages will be
deleted automatically. All e-mail to our systems normally is read and
answered if required. Abusing our system is pointless.


Please try to be nice.

We understand you may be frustrated that your computer is not doing
what you want it to do (or your ISP will not allow your Web Browser to
connect to the Internet!). Welcome to Microsoft Windows, a buggy and
imperfect operating system. A powerful program like Evidence
Eliminator=99 sometimes shows up defects in your system that other
software cannot see. We may advise you to reinstall Windows, this is
because your Windows installation is corrupted and it is not working
properly. It happens to all Windows users every now and then, and
reinstalling Windows is a routine task you must be prepared for when
you use a Windows computer. Windows is not perfect, it requires
maintenance from time to time.

If you verbally abuse our staff we have to delete your messages. Sorry
but we have ladies in the office and good manners cost nothing. We
really want to help you, please try to be nice :-)

Re: Evidence Eliminator Great Program Insulting Constomer Serrvice

stamfordbhu@hotmail.com wrote in

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EE is snake oil peddled by drooling idiot spammers....Better solutions
elsewhere, free or cheaper....

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