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Broadband over CDMA networks ala EVDO sounds like a really cool
technology but I'm wondering about the security implications.  I did a
google search but didn't find any definitive answers.

Does EVDO have robust encryption built into the protocol or would I be
broadcasting in the clear?  How, other than a VPN/Proxy setup, could I
secure such a connection?  


Re: EVDO Security

Try '1xrtt security' on Google - 1xRTT is the precursor to EVDO - the
underlying CDMA security will be the same.  Your carrier should also be able
to provide data.

My investigation lead our organisation to believe their are few intrinsic
security problems in using EVDO.  What concerns me though is the plethora of
insecure devices using this technology - they are often in an 'always on'
state, use bluetooth, and users being what they are they contain cached
passwords.  This combined with the fact that they are often executive toys
means that the loss or theft of these devices may lead to access to email
and possibly other data of the most sensitive kind.

We use them for roaming users with laptops where the security can be locked
down much better.

David Fosdike GSEC #4132
Senior Technology and Security Specialist
Elders Limited

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