Encrypting CD or DVD

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I've looked around for about a week but can't seem to find what I'm looking
for.  Here is what I am trying to do.

I have a bunch of files, docs, pictures, etc that I want to encrypt to a CD
or DVD.  I would like the DVD or CD to have the files encrypted and an
application on the CD that you have to run to give you access to the files
on the DVD or CD.  You would have to enter a password to give you acess to
the encrypted files, etc.

Is there anything out there that I'm not finding that can do this?

Or do I have to with an applicationt that is installed on a PC and then use
to decrypt the encrypted files on a cd?  Thanks in advance for any of your

Take Care.

The Pig

Re: Encrypting CD or DVD

The Pig wrote:
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You might try AxCrypt. It doesn't burn cds, but the decrypt tool will
run alone on removable media. I use it on flash drives.

http://axcrypt.axantum.com /

Re: Encrypting CD or DVD

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Try TrueCrypt.
http://www.truecrypt.org /


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Re: Encrypting CD or DVD

Are you looking for something more secure than WinZip?  You can install
WinZip self extractor onto the CD or DVD.
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Re: Encrypting CD or DVD

The functionality you're aiming for is a Self Decrypting Archive (SDA).
 They're generally not as portable (executable may only run on a
certain OS) or secure (here's an EXE, just run it).  A more secure,
cross platform method would be encrypt the files with symmetric
encryption using GnuPG, and include a few GnuPG installers on the disc,
or a shortcut to the homepage.  There are other methods out there
though, as mentioned.

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