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Does Eblaster software send copies of reports to spectorsoft.com before
sending them to the email I specified in the configuration.

I suspect it does, because the reports I recieve come from

I'm not sure I want copies of my reports going to anyone but me.


Re: Eblaster Email question

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vs1680@gmail.com wrote:

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I don't have an answer to your question, or know anything at all about
eBlaster other than the fact that I don't care for it's type in general.

If the reports are *truly* coming from that address then obviously
they're getting copies of the data you're snooping and generating the
reports. It's ultimately easy to fake a from headers though, so you'd
have to examine the rest of them to know for sure that they're not just
using the from header to spam their company domain name along side the
underhanded "reports" your getting.

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I wonder how the targets of those reports feel about it...


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