Does SSL "secure" WEP?

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Hi there,

I am accessing Internet by using a WLAN-Router. The WLAN is secured
using WEP-encryption. I know it isn't secure but my Router doesn't
support WEP. My question is:
If I access a SSL-encrypted website through my WEP-secured WLAN, is
anybody who hacks my WEP-Key able to see what I typed(viewed) into the


Re: Does SSL "secure" WEP?

Joe schrieb:
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Sorry for misspelling my router doesn't support WPA.
My question is:
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Re: Does SSL "secure" WEP?

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You would be protected provided they don't Man in the middle your SSL
session (which  is easier than anyone wants to believe).

Some things to know though:
        WEP can be cracked in minutes.
        New access points are cheap.  

Todd H. /

Re: Does SSL "secure" WEP?

On 13 Oct 2006 10:53:00 -0500, (Todd H.) wrote:

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Just to add to the fire - MINM SSL attacks are no safer over a wired
connection. smart.


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Re: Does SSL "secure" WEP?

Upgrade your router.  You'll be much safer.

It's easier than trying to clean up after a WEP break-in.

And, although there are many cheap routers out there, I've never been one
that believes in buying outdated technology.  Buy something you'll get lots
of good use out of and not wish you had something better in 6 months.

I just bought a Netgear Rangemax Next Wireless Router (up to 270Mbps
throughput!) at Fry's for $119.  I wish I'd seen it at NewEgg first - it's
only $89 there - .

Its easy to set up, and has a butt load of security features.  Oh
yeah......did I mention the 270 Mbps speed?  And the range is awesome.  I
can go anywhere in our yard - even across the street to the neighbors house
and still be surfing on my Netgear Rangemax.

Good luck to ya!

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Re: Does SSL "secure" WEP?

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A US Robotics USR5461 is often $15 or $20 after the rebate hassle from
CompUSA. Supports WPA2. Uses a Linux core with source code available
from USR if you care to play with it.

Mine works pretty good with Macbook Pro laptop once I disabled the 2x
speed "enhancement" at the AP.

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