Do I block access from svchost to DHCP?

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From time to time I get this message from my Sygate firewall.  
Should I let this program through?

     "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services (svchost.exe)
     is trying to connect to  [] using remote
     port 67 (BOOTPS - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
     [DHCP] Server).  Do you want to allow this program to
     access the network?"

This is my setup:

  1. I use WinXP + SP1 at home.  
  2. My broadband ISP is NTL Cable
  3. I connect direct to my ISP am am not part of a network.
  4. I have disabled XP's firewall and use only Sygate firewall.

To my untutored eye it seems like a good thing to allow this and let
svchost on PC communicate with what I think is my ISP's DHCP server.  

However this web page says I should completely block svchost.exe in

Who is right?

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