Diary of a linux newbie...

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Occasionally, I here crap about linux not being as easy to use and 'It will
never make it to the desktop". I am a technical person so sometimes it is
difficult to view through a non-technical person's eyes. I came across this
article that helps to see that it is not the difficult for a newbee to use
linux on the desktop...judge for yourself.

http://linux-noob.com/review/fedora/fcr3 /


Re: Diary of a linux newbie...

Imhotep wrote:
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Well I donīt now were to start, a couple of yers ago I tryed Red hat 8.0
but I find it to be mush to buggi, I also from time to time tryed
Knoppix and the first one I tryed was Knoppix 3.0 and couldīt start X
becouse of the lak of handeling my new (at that time) grafikcard NV
FX5200, it has always ben a bit of an pita but it works well under newer
Linux dists.

After I had tryed RH 8, Knopp 3.0 and 3.8 i tryed Debian Sarge, and to
day I run Ubuntu 5.04.

Under Deb. I could not get any USB to run propely ( my lak of nowhow
perhaps) but with this Ubuntu I have manage to get my USB-pen and my HP
digital camera to work propely along with the printer, even my
MP3-player runs ok, but no scanner.

So if it wasenīt for the Scanner and that I do want to use Adobe
photoshop (never gonna get comfortobal with Gimp, it is to many Windows
open at the same time), I would had get rid of my XP-installation yesterday.

If anyone ask me today which Linux dist to try, I say Ubuntu because it
is esy to set up and understan how it works.


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