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I have two questetions about DriveCrypt Power Pack. I have encrypted my
system partition (C) and my data partition (D) and my external harddisk (E),
which I use for making backups. Booth authentification is on and I have
created a rescue floppy.

1. Now I was wondering what I should have done in case of the following
situation: suppose my computer is stolen and the only thing that is left is
my encrypted external harddisk. When I connect this harddisk to another
computer, install DCPP and import the (exported) key, is this sufficient for
decrypting my external harddisk? Or should I have backuped the entire

2. Does the keystore have to be located on the encrypted system partition or
can it also be located on the encrypted data partition (D)? I can imagine
the if I locate it on the encrypted D drive, booth authentification cannot
read the keystore and the system won't start. Or am I wrong and can the
keystore be locaed anywhere?

Thank you,




Unfortunately I do not know the software you refer to so I cannot help
in that respect. Perhaps you could lay your hands on a second computer
on which you could test it.

Your message implies that the external hard disk is stored in the same
area as your computer. If you fear it may be stolen, your external hard
disk is just as tempting and considerably more portable than your computer.

Your external drive should be stored in a place that is highly unlikely
to be robbed at the same time as the location your computer is stored.

If theft is likely, consider what you can do to reduce the risks.


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alt.security.scramdisk might be a better group for these questions.

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