Computer monitored access control

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Hi Guys

This is a little outside my expertise, but I'm sure someone here will
have come across something similar.

I'm looking for an entry control system. The kind of thing I have in
mind is a thing on the outside door with an intercom buzzer, a small
camera, microphone and speaker. The system is linked to a magnetic lock
with a relay.

Now the computer part. I think of it working with a web browser (it
could be a special application) so someone sitting at their desk can see
who is there and speak to them through a headset connected to the PC.
Then push a button in the application/browser to release the lock.

I've really no idea where to start and our usual suppliers don't seem to
know what I'm talking about, they are more "wire it and it works" types.

Anyone have any ideas? I got so much dross on Google I got lost with the
usual wired entry systems rather than networked entry systems. I'm on
the South Coast in the UK if anyone can recommend suppliers as well.


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