COMM/FS: Video Surveillance Equipment

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Secure your home or business with the help of LOREX Video Surveillance
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Keep an EYE on Things With the Help of the Following Products:

Wireless Digital Video Security System $349.99
14 Color Quad Observation System with 4 Cameras $1159.99
4 Channel Wired/Wireless Video Internet Security Monitoring $589.99
Digital Video Security System $279.99

Other Items You May Also Need:

Additional 100 ft. Cable with (6 PIN) Coupler $49.99
Additional 65 ft. Cable with (6 PIN) Coupler $29.99
Accessory B&W Dome Camera $129.99
Accessory 2.4 GHz B&W 4 Channel Wireless Camera $99.99

Come visit us at to see our entire catalogue of products.

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