Comcast,DLink wireless,Desktop and laptop

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I am totally new to Wireless,but have successfully set up the Comcast cable
modem, the DLink AirPlus Extreme DWL-650 and the corresponding DLink card
DI-624 for the laptop.

All work well but I have as Virus detector NOD32 running on both machines,
which use as OS WinXP Pro on desktop and WinXP Home on laptop.

I have not set up any other firewall (tried it but then I cannot use the
laptop remotely to access the Internet)

The D-link Technical people said that their router was enough anyhow.

Who has a similar setup and can advise?

Re: Comcast,DLink wireless,Desktop and laptop

You should be able to use a software firewall by adding the laptops IP address
in the trusted zone. If that doesn't work then you need to check the routers
configuration to see if it's being blocked there.


Brian A.

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Re: Comcast,DLink wireless,Desktop and laptop

Thank you for the reply. I read it and I understand it.
But now comes the BUT :

Please tell me how to execute those recommended actions since I am totally
new to the wireless world.

If I change the Default ID on the desktop, must or should I use the same
default or new name on the desktop?

My tiny manual that came with D-linkDWL-650 and DLink DI624 do not touch
these areas at all.

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Re: Comcast,DLink wireless,Desktop and laptop

A software firewall should not interfere with you being able to access the
internet. After you install a software firewall you will be prompted as you
try to access the internet to give permissions to the applications and
ports/protocols that access the internet. If you select yes and tell the
software firewall to remember the setting you should continue to have
internet access. Keep in mind that you will also need to allow access for
port 53 UDP to the internet for dns name resolution or the internet access
will fail. The D-link wireless NAT router is providing you with basic
firewall protection already. XP's built in Windows Firewall will provide
additional firewall protection  - particularly from other computers on your
local network if that is what you need.   --- Steve

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