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I have a laptop that I mainly use on different wifi connections at
coffee shops, but I also use it occassionallyon my  t- mobile cell
phone (which can be used as a modem.
I need to change my isp address........
My questions are -
1. If I change the name of my computer under system info will that
change my isp address?
2.Is my isp address different when using different wifi connections?
3.How do I change my isp address with my t mobile phone as a modem??
Would changing my cell number change the isp?
4.Is my email account through yahoo registered under my isp address.?

Re: Change my isp address writes:

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What do you call "my isp address"? Your name of your computer will change
nothing external to the computer.
Tell us what problem you are trying to solve, not your guess at a solution.

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We have no idea.

Re: Change my isp address

Unruh wrote:
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I presume you mean your IP (internet protocol) address.
ISP stands for Internet Service Provider.
Every packet you send and receive over the internet contains source and
destination IP addresses and port numbers, which may be recorded by a
web server you visit, and should be recorded by your ISP.

No, in the majority of cases your IP address is assigned by the ISP when
you connect, and represents your electrical location on the network, not
your computer.  With a fixed line account you may have a fixed personal
IP address, or one may be dynamically allocated from a pool whenever you
log on, but it will remain fixed for the session, and you can bet your @
that the ISP (in this case T-Mobile) keeps a record of which user
account had which address at any given time.  I'm pretty sure that's
part of the data they are legally required to keep, under European law
anyway, may be different in the US.

With public WiFi I think that usually goes through a sub-net using
Network Address Translation (NAT), which effectively means all the
customers appear to have the same IP, although different (dynamically
allocated) port numbers.  There's no way a web server could trace
requests directly back to your computer or home address, only to the
café, but the café could have (should have?) logged the allocated port
number against your computer's (or WiFi adaptor's) unique MAC identifier
and any account information they have for you.

As your IP address is not a constant there is no way it can be
registered against your Yahoo account.

As for changing your T-mobile IP, that is between you and T-mobile. It
may well be that you get a different one every time you call.  If they
have allocated you a "static IP" then it would be attached to your
account you'd have to ask them to change it, or open another account
with another phone.  But they will still be able to trace it back to you
e.g. through the credit card you used to buy the phone.

If you are using Windows XP, then you can find out your current IP
address at System Information (in Accessories / System Tools), selecting
"Internet settings, Internet Explorer, Connectivity.  Scroll down to
"Use server assigned IP address" (e.g. Yes) and "IP Address" (e.g.; and answer your own question. NAT subnet addresses begin
with 192.168 or 172.(16-31) or 10.

If you are trying to evade the long arm of the law, then you need to
keep abreast of developments, as governments are very keen on developing
these monitoring techniques, under the pretext of chasing terrorists.

Tim Jackson

Re: Change my isp address

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You are obviously knowledgeable about such things, Tim.

Not meaning to hijack this thread, but ........ would you take a look at
the posts in this thread and give me a view Re: Slip Stream Test   17
January 2009 16:34GMT   to be found here:,

You say "If you lift the covers off the post properties which is shown
then you see what is underneath"

I'd be most grateful if you (or anyone else) would kindly explain what
that means. TIA

Re: Change my isp address

John D wrote:
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He's talking about looking at the headers. The easiest way to do that is
to use whatever method your browser has to present the message source in
plain text.  Then you see the message headers, and in your case (or at
least -BD-'s case, you aren't him of course) there is a consistent
header "NNTP Posting Host", which is Carphone Warehouse
Broadband Services in Manchester, for what it is worth.  It shows you
are likely posting from a mobile.  Not all ISP's include this line.

It doesn't identify you, but Carphone Warehouse will have a record of
the message IDs and the account that sent them, which government
authorised investigators can inspect.  I dare say a suitably resourceful
private investigator could gain access by lying a bit or bribing an

As for explaining what the poster means, ask a psychologist, not me.


Re: Change my isp address

John D wrote:

Cancel-Lock: sha1:Cv6vdw37TUBVu3fUhOVotPQQ6V8=

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Yup.  Right here:

X-Auth-Sender: U2FsdGVkX18v0deJWsko0bAX3EoVQPqD3c7dApbGcHs=

It is, of course, encrypted, so you need to get a court
order to decrypt it.  If the person did something that
the police are interesed in, that shouldn't be a problem.
If it's just you who want to know, too bad. His Usenet
provider encrypts the information so you can't do that.
You will mote that my provider does the same thing, and
so does yours.  As one wise person wrote:

 "This is not a list. This is not a board. This is not
 some web page forum with rules and moderators. This is
 USENET. The wild west of online communication. Where
 trolls and flames roam rampant. Where you keep your
 asbestos underpants handy if you lack wit (or have an
 ego that greatly exceeds your actual abilities).
 If you don't like it, feel free to run back to the
 comfortable safety of moderated web forums and mailing
 lists where everyone lives in enforced peace and harmony
 in the land of Nod."
Guy Macon

Re: Change my isp address

"Guy Macon" < wrote in message
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That's very kind of you to tell me, Guy - I appreciate your help.

No doubt the 'bad guys' could also obtain the required equipment/tools
to decrypt the information!

A snipet for you here:-

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Re: Change my isp address

John D wrote:


Why are you crossposting to when the
post you are replying to was posted to

Guy Macon

Re: Change my isp address

Guy Macon wrote:
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Just a note to apologise for not responding to your query, Guy.

The test group to which you refer is my very own private newsgroup (!)
where I can (and do) correspond with Peter Foldes and Andrew Taylor
(both inmates of Annexcafe User2User newsgroups) - that's why I post to
both groups.

In case of doubt, I started posting as John D(oe) when first coming to
the group.

~BD~, BoaterDave, Imbeady2 - and similar!

Re: Change my isp address

I've just been here!

Quite a change from Cornwall, that's for sure!

Re: Change my isp address

"Guy Macon" < wrote in message
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Ah! I think I am beginning to understand!

You say "You do not have the tool to do it"

That implies that you *do* have such a tool. ;)

Why, I wonder?

Re: Change my isp address

John D wrote:
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I don't know Peter Foldes, so it might just be the usual
USENET B.S., but it could simply be his way of saying
"the IP address is encrypted.  You don't have the
key(tool) needed to decrypt it."

In general, you have to get used to the basic truth that
USENET is a medium whre there are nuggets of gold hidden
among a bunch of total rubbish, and it's up to you to try
to figure out which is which.  The whole idea of tracing
who a USENET poster is from his IP address is a great
example of a W.O.M.B.A.T. (Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time).
Anyone who spends ten minutes doing a web search can hide
his identity on USENET well enough so that you would need
a court order to figure ot who he is, and with half an hour
doing a web search he can figure out how to hide from the
court order as well. Getting into disputes with anonymous
posters and trying to track them down is for losers.  
Ignoring them and only responding to the non-trolls is what
winners do.

 "Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet
  is a sucker's game because they almost always
  turn out to  be -- or to be indistinguishable
  from -- self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing
  infinite amounts of free time."
                             -Neil Stephenson, _Cryptonomicon_

Guy Macon

Re: Change my isp address

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Some folk look deeper than others, Tim :)

For example, see this thread (if you have time to spare!) 've+found+a+virus....+%2BBoaterDave#


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