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Hello. Today in Windows XP AVG reported a 'change' in the files user32.dll,
shell32.dll and ntoskrnl.exe. There was also a 'virus' reported called
Java/OpenStream which has been reported before but I don't think has
affected these files. How can I revert these files back to how they were
before? Does anyone have more information about these changes? Thanks

Re: Change in system files

On Sun, 02 Oct 2005 15:13:56 GMT, SimBrain wrote:

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Open up the Accessories folder and go into a program called "System
Restore." Follow the process until you come to a calendar of restore
points. Select any bold date before the files were changed, and restore it.
On restart, the computer should have reverted to the original files.
You can also open up a command prompt and type "sfc /SCANNOW" (no quotes).
This goes through all protected files and reverts them to a safe

Re: Change in system files

Torch wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it configuration? or reverts to a back up copy? I would think you would
want to revert to a saved copy...

To the OP I would closely check your system out....


Re: Change in system files

Ok well I have System Restore turned off, but I used sfc /scannow. I noted
the date modified of the files which were 3/11/2005, 3/2/2005 and 3/1/2005.
And they were the same after using SFC. I hope it's done some good. I'll try
to use some other virus scanners. Thanks for your help.

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