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Is it a good proxy? Do they do what they say they are going to do? Is it
any type of trick? Does any one monitor them in any way?

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need info wrote:
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An observation: If I wanted to monitor people's use of the Internet,
setting up an anonimity service would be a good starting point. Getting
them to pay for it as well would be icing on the cake.

Bottom line: If you don't want someone to see what you are doing, you
probably shouldn't be doing it anyway.

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[compton ~]$ host has address
[compton ~]$ host domain name pointer
[compton ~]$ is allocated to EVRY-BLK-11 ( a major hosting
company in Houston, Texas, USA. The '' claims to be registered
from Vilnius, Lithuania, but a traceroute shows this server to be in
Houston (though it doesn't respond to pings or a UDP trace). The whois
server for Samoa (actually operated by "" out of Southern
California using an Exodus IP) gives a name for the owner of '',
but no address.  Rather funny, no?

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Yeah, contrary to the wildest dreams of some users, operating an Internet
server actually costs real money, _especially_ when the server is located
at a colo facility that knows the value of bandwidth.   Actually, the
domain makes some money from "other services" as a ten second search on
a search engine like google would show.

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Why would you _possibly_ think the O/P might be trying to hide something
from Mommy or the cops?

        Old guy

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