BSOD: CHKDSK & ZoneAlarm 6.5

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Anyone else have this problem?

Evidence is strong that ZoneAlarm 6.5 is responsible for a BSOD error I
and others are getting.  I have seen this error on my computer, as well as
a client's computer.  In the ZoneAlarm User Forum, another user also
presents this problem.

My computer and my client's computer are very different, but both have
Windows XP SP2 Home Edition, are up-to-date with MS Updates, and have
ZoneAlarm Security Suite 6.5.

Scheduled a Check Disk (CHKDSK /F) for the boot drive at next reboot.  
CHKDSK works fine, reboots computer, then I get:

Blue Screen of Death:
*** STOP: 0x00000071 (0x00000000,0x00000000,0x00000000,0x00000000)

On rebooting, the startup menu allowing Safe Mode shows.

Safe Mode will NOT work.  After awhile, it stalls, then just reboots the
computer without even giving a BSOD.

If I try booting Windows normally, again the BSOD.

Starting Windows with last known good configuration works.

If I do a CHKDSK again on the boot drive, again the problem occurs.

There is nothing about the error in the Event Viewer.  The Event Viewer
does show the results of the CHKDSK, and shows that it corrected errors.

It can be assumed that Check Disk has messed up an important Win XP system
file, but to do so on two very different computers, right after installing
ZoneAlarm Security Suite 6.5?  That's no coincidence.

-  Bruce A. Johnson in Hardisty, Alberta, Canada

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