AVG Anti-virus and ZoneAlarms

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I just started using these free apps as I have never used any type of
security other than XP firewall and the firewall on my router. Any users had
long term use out of these free apps and what is your evaluation of them?

Re: AVG Anti-virus and ZoneAlarms

VanShania wrote:

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Here is my 0.02 on the AV subject. AFAIAC, polls and the reviews of
sites that accept advertising from AV vendors is pretty much
worthless. Stick to tests and comparatives. Some AV info for your perusal:

AV-Test (Andreas Marx - Germany)
   (http://www.av-test.org /)
AV-Comparatives (Andreas Clementi - Austria)
   (http://www.av-comparatives.org /)
Food for thought (Eugene Kaspersky)
   (http://www.viruslist.com/en/analysis?pubid=174405517 )

Here are the preferences that I have gleaned from the various
security/paranoia NGs in which I hang out:

Free: AVG, Avast!, AntiVir
Paid: KAV, NOD32
Bottom of the List: Norton, McAfee

The knock against NAV and McAfee is due to bias (they're the big guys)
and issues not related to detection rates. Note that these assessments
are for AV apps for home/SOHO/personal use. The same may or may not be
said about the enterprise or corporate editions. I have personally
used McAfee, Norton, AVG and KAV.

I use KAV (Kaspersky Labs):
   (http://www.kaspersky.com/us/products )
NOD32 (Eset):
   (http://www.nod32-av.com/products/products.htm )

For one with no AV protection, an option is to download one of the
free AV apps while investigating all other options:

AVG - Grisoft
   (http://www.grisoft.com/doc/Programs/lng/us/tpl/tpl01 )
Avast! - ALWIL Software
   (http://www.avast.com/eng/programs.html )
AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic
   (http://www.free-av.com /)

All of the above AV apps may be upgraded to a
Professional/Full-Featured AV app for a fee.

Some General Anti-Virus info:
   (http://home.neo.rr.com/manna4u/virusprevention.html )
   (http://www.claymania.com/safe-hex.html )

A word to wise. Unlike Anti-Spyware applications, where the
multi-layered approach is preferable, Anti-Virus (resident)
applications absolutely do NOT like each other, and one should be
uninstalled completely before installing another. In many cases, eg.,
with Symantec products, this is easier said than done. In order to
switch or even evaluate another AV, you MUST completely remove NAV.
Some info about removing AV apps (particularly NAV):
   (http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=5233 )
And so, before you install ANY AV application, make sure that you
acquire all information/tools/utilities that are necessary for its
COMPLETE removal. You have been warned.

At any rate, those are my thoughts on the AV subject.

Here is my 0.02 (at this time) on the PFW issue. AFAIC, polls,
opinions and reviews don't mean squat. This is old, but it is the only
comparative test that I have seen on PFWs:

   (http://www.firewallleaktester.com/tests.htm )

This is from the camp that subscribes to the belief that a software
solution (a PFW) is important. Things like stealth, outbound
protection, port blocking. etc. are important considerations. Many of
these people find it unlikely that the best AV vendor would also make
the best PFW.

This is indicative of the sentiments of the other camp:

   (http://www.samspade.org/d/firewalls.html )

This camp subscribes to the philosophy that things like stealth,
outbound protection, port blocking. etc. are all marketing BS. Many of
these people would say to use the Windows XP firewall and forget the
rest this nonsense.

I must admit that having studied this issue for the past 8 months, I
am leaning toward the second camp.

Ron :)

Re: AVG Anti-virus and ZoneAlarms

Thanks Ron.

I have just been relying on my router firewall and XPs firewall, and my
computer has always seemed sluggish. I did a fresh install of the OS and
drivers and before hooking up to the net, installed ZoneAlarm firewall free
version which blocks unwanted incoming and outgoing "bugs". Now my computer
scims along like it never has before. Though I did install updated vidcard
drivers which boosted my benchmark 1500 points( 10906 to 12412), it still
never operated like it is when I had these drivers installed previously.
ZoneAlarm has blocked 19 intrusions from the same ip address in 2 hours,
meaning that when I was just using the mentioned firewalls, these attacks
were actually getting through( I still have my router attached). Again, I
must admit I did install my ATI drivers differently this time( loaded Direct
X 9c then vid drivers, then DX9c again, uninstalled vidcard drivers and
reinstalled them overtop of dx9) so maybe this was the problem too. But at
any rate, the performance of my computer is like it never was before.ATI
recommends installing Vidcard drivers overtop Direct X).

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Re: AVG Anti-virus and ZoneAlarms

What other programs like Zone Alarm exist?
Do they all spy on their users?

Re: AVG Anti-virus and ZoneAlarms

Olive wrote:
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"Do they all spy on their users?"

Care to elaborate?


Re: AVG Anti-virus and ZoneAlarms

From ZoneAlarm info site

Alexa Toolbar comes bundled with other programs, which may include Windows
XP, Internet Explorer 6.0. It can also be downloaded from Alexa's website
and installed directly by someone with administrative access to your
computer Alexa Toolbar is a program that includes a pop-up manager (it
blocks pop-ups), a web search function (powered by Google) and buttons that
provide additional information, such as site information, and related sites.
Alexa also sends information about all web pages you visit back to Alexa's
servers. It includes both page URLs and data you sent to web sites as a part
of URL.

I also forgot to turn on zonealarm before rebooting and sure enough, my
optical drive performance became sluggish again. So if you don't have a good
firewall, you got spyware. I downloaded Zone Alarms free version and tryed
the pro version for 15 days. This allows you to delete it out of your system
or quarentine it. Though I don't know if it stays qaurentined after the 15
days so maybe deleting it is the better idea. I deleted mine and I don't
have any problems from deleting this file.

If you use aawpersonal, you've probably seen this spyware being cleaned.

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Re: AVG Anti-virus and ZoneAlarms

I deleted Alexa out of my computer with ZoneAlarm Pro (15 day trial) and no
ill effects at all. So get rid of it.

XP2600@171 fsb@1.65Volts
AIW9600XT, A7N8X-X
WD120gb + 80gb HD 8mb buffers
Plextor PX-712A, SB Live OEM
Thermaltake Lanfire, 420 Watt PS
Micrsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 Joystick
ViewSonic 19" A91f+ CRT
OverAll score 2066, cpu_score-2926
in 3DMark2005 basic 1078X768, No AA

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