Are Laptops Better Than PCs?

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If I were to say it=92s an age of Laptops, I wouldn=92t be wrong.  There
was a time when PC=92s were in demand in schools, in colleges, in
offices and in homes. Today, things have changed a bit PCs can be
found everywhere, in fact they have become a common man=92s attire. With
low cost pricing and good marketing, PCs can now be seen in almost
every doorstep.  But, what comes next for certain it is the laptop
which is now looking places in the hands of students, in the hands
of business executives, on the table of managers and in the hands of a
government official. Gradually, laptops are taking the place of PCs
around the country.

All the major electronics companies are taking part in this turnabout
=96 be it Toshiba, Sony, Dell, HP or any other major IT company.  Unlike
the old day=92s computers, today=92s laptops are being designed, packed
and marketed targeting different segments of users like students,
professionals, artists and designers. Better marketing and better
usage are making laptops the demand of the end user. Of course, the
easeness of carrying laptops from place to another cannot be swayed
away. So, if you haven=92t bought a laptop till today, why not now?
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