Announcement - FREE Security Alerts Service

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CryptGuard would like to make this group's visitors/readers aware of
our free security alerts bulletin service.

Our initial focus is most relevant to those who understand and manage
their own firewalls, with the aim of providing information about the
network location of various pockets of malicious activity -
specifically, the IP addresses of infected source hosts.  We're not
talking about aunt Martha's computer that might have been infected
with a spam-spewing virus, but rather the host machines to which
spyware "calls home", or from which malicious code is downloaded to a
user's compromised system, or the site operating a phishing scam.

Over time our aim is to develop the service into a broader information
source by adding security information geared to the general consumer
in addition to the technical/operator/system admin types.  In addition
to our own monitoring network sources, we encourage any/all
contributions from the public, and provide a reporting/upload area on
our site.

We're not looking to become another 'virus dissecting' group/company -
there are currently plenty of very good researchers providing detailed
information about the inner workings of various malware.  There is
however, a shortage of reporting sources for information concerning
the actual host IP addresses of computers serving as repositories of
malware, from which the backdoors/trojans/scams/phishers download
exploit/spyware/malicious code.  While it is certainly important to
understand HOW specific security vulnerabilities work, it is even more
vital to know WHERE the machines distributing such exploits are
located, so that they can be blacklisted/firewalled/blocked by users
who wish to protect themselves (and any clients they may also be
responsible for).

We'd like to thank everyone for their feedback and suggestions.
Although we've been in the technology business for going on three
decades, we're a relative newcomer in terms of this particular service
offering so we're heartened to see that it's been so well-received to

The URL is:

Thank you.

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