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I just went to Amazon to find a book.  When I went there I was
absolutely shocked to find out that "The Page [I] Made" was filled with
stuff that I had just been searching for on eBay and Google.

Anyone have any idea why in the world this is happening?  I just ran
Spybot and the default Microsoft Alexa spyware isn't running.  Scary!



Re:'s The Page You Made

Annoying, intrusive and offensive as it may be, it might just be
cookies being read from yor computer (apparently their intended purpose
is for exactly this type of thing-trying to sell you something).

I wonder how many people find this helpful vs how many are shocked and
offended. I'm in the latter category.

You can get more aggressive by disabling cookie handling to variable
degrees of isolation in yoru browser or with a Firewall (included in XP
or optinally available from other suppliers).

The tradeoff is some sites will simply not work for you if you don't
play their cookie game their way. Depends how hard-nosed you want to

I'm still trying to find a happy medium that doesn't make me approve
each and every motion my pc makes.

You know what irritates me even more? Do a Google search for something
antiquated, obsolete and so obscure you'd be lucky to find ONE on the
planet and are content to just read about it. At the top of the Google
search will be some listing that got top-o'-the-heap, like
offering you But Obscure,Antiquated, Obsolete at best prices!!!

You know that's a load of garbage.

Good luck. I think tighter cookie handling in your browser is probably
the simplest thing to make reverseable adjustments to. If you don't
have a firewall, that's a harder change to uninstall if you don't like
the results.


Re:'s The Page You Made

Amazon does some of the best Marketing Research on its customers you will
find anywhere.


Excellent Company.


Re:'s The Page You Made

On Sat, 18 Feb 2006 18:36:08 -0000, "D. Spencer Hines"


Note to acs regulars, Whines is full of shit, take a look
on google and you will see what I mean.  Best ignored.
Jim Watt 

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