Acronis True Image Rescue Disk In Lieu Of Bart PE Disk?

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I'd like to use TrueCrypt, but I am unable to make a Bart PE rescue
disk. Too many errors and too complicated. I hardly understand the

Somewhere I heard that the Acronis Rescue Disk would suffice in the
event something went south with my system on an encrypted TrueCrypt
disk.  Is this correct?

I'm using XP Pro with SP3, which is totally up to date with MS updates.

I certainly don't want to risk encrypting my drive without a rescue disk.

Any TrueCrypt users in here who might know the answer?

Re: Acronis True Image Rescue Disk In Lieu Of Bart PE Disk?

On Mon,  1 Feb 2010 16:11:03 +0100 (CET), noauth

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I'm not sure what help the Acronis Rescue Disk would be if the
encrypted hard drive won't, for example, boot.  Acronis has no means
of decrypting any "working" portion of the file structure.

If you were to create an image of your TrueCrypt encrypted hard drive
while it is stable and working with Acronis then you could use the
Acronis Rescue Disk to copy the good image over one that may have gone
bad.    Making an image of an encrypted hard drive requires that you
use the sector-by-sector method WITHOUT compression.  Any compression
on an encrypted image makes the image worthless.  

This is farily straight forward with Acronis.  Obviously this requires
a back up media at least as large as the computer hard disk.  

Then if your encrypted hard drive stops working you can use the
Acronis rescue disk with the backup image to recover to a working
system.  This requires that you make images at regular intervals so
that recovering from a bad system brings you back to a system that is
not too old.


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