A home computer is a forensic evidence room

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When the authorities seize your computer they use forensics on it.
The computer becomes a police evidence room. Clever lawyers can
make anything you have look incriminating.

Every two weeks I reformat the hard disk and reinstal Windows.
Disparagers naysayers said it wasn't necessary. Now they have
stopped their foolish grinning. I'm set up such that I can easily
restage my computer within an hour.

I have no passwords stored on my computer, and use a on-screen
keyboard when I have to log-into LastPass and use one time
passwords when I use hotspots or another computer...from which I
still have online access to everything I use, plus my memory stick.

There are folks who have machines that do not have the software to
restage and there is no factory image stored on their computer for
whatever the many reasons for this are. These folks especially need
to learn how to make an image of their  system, though it may be
too late as they cannot be sure they aren't  infected by the time
they do this. For these folks, I recommend for them to make an
image, and go buy a new operating system install it and get what
you may need afterwards from the image.

Bear Bottoms
Security consultant
Owner http://bearware.info

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