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I started making a new site on Flash and other dynamic things...and am
just curious how do you find the logo and the flash movie on it...the
site is in VERY EARLY FORM of keep that in mind please
when writing your critics :) I need only opinion about the "whole

Thanks alot

Re: Your opinion for one Flash...

I see no purpose in the flash. It has no relationship to what you are

Not to mention it would be a very slow download for someone on dial up.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Re: Your opinion for one Flash...

Quoted text here. Click to load it

uhuh, there was nothing extraodinary about it. If you're really intent on
showing some of this then that logo could be there as a header, with smaller
version of that television in its own table cell. Then you can put in
"ACTUAL TEXT" for the rest of the page. This way you'll have something for
the SEs to feed on.

I noticed you downsized what you had there originally. But I found your
flash files and here they are:
888.swf (logo file): 339Kilobytes
and your other movie:
iakooooo.swf is: 833Kilobytes

That's well over a Meg for just two Flash Files and no real text.

Re: Your opinion for one Flash...

Flash looks good to eye but is slow to load and i have read spiders
cannot crawl this kind of websites

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