Yahoo Sandbox Question?

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Does anyone know how long yahoo keeps a new site in their sandbox? I
know with google it's about a year or a little bit more sometimes. I
started 4 new real domains in January 2006 and since January 2007 they
have been doing pretty good at google but still sandboxed at yahoo and
not doing anything yet. Anyone have any kind of accurate or near
accuarate yahoo sandbox time frame? My 4 new sites from jan '06 are
yearning to be free at yahoo too.

Re: Yahoo Sandbox Question?

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Is there one ?
I have a fairly new site and I don't see a sandbox effect on there.

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Yeah, maybe in 2000, not now though.

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Then it is not a yahoo sandbox.
More likely it is poorly optimized for yahoo.
Are you using any black hat ?

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Post the URLs here and someone will look at them. I am off to bed now,
so I dount I will be here when you reply. But it sounds like poor
optimization, or black hat.



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