Yahoo's New Algo

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It has come to my understanding that Yahoo no longer works with Google and has
decided to use an altogether new algorythm.

Our site for the last two years has had the number 1 placement for the term
hair transplant in the google and yahoo SERPs.  

I am by no means an expert in this field, but I have been reading this
newsgroup for years now, and listening to all of the great advice here.  In
utlizing this advice I was able to take our site for at least a few keywords to
the top of the pages.

We have payed everything that Yahoo has asked us to pay and have not changed
anything on our pages in quite some time.

When I was finally able to get ahold of someone at Yahoo, I was given the
"advice" that I had too many internal links.  When pressed on this the lady I
spoke with admitted that she did not know for sure if this was the case, but
that is the advice she gave me, stating that noone really knows how the new
algo works.

I am very confused, and upset as we have paid to get in the directory, and have
even paid to get into their CAP program ustilizing Overture.

Can anyone here give me a heads up to what I should be doing to improve this
situation?  The website I am referring to is

We of course are still number one in Google, but this lacking in Yahoo is
really hurting us.

Thank you in advance.



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