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My site is now drawing a fair amount of traffic
from Google and MSN for a variety of "e770v" related search terms. However,
the site is not showing up in Yahoo at all.

While Yahoo doesn't account for much traffic on my other sites, I'd still
like to be listed on it! Any ideas why my site should be Yahoo repellent?
Given that it's doing well on Google and MSN, I don't think it can be down
to malformed html.

Kind Regards


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Re: Yahoo Repellent?

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Interesting idea. But probably your mobile will be yesterdays news before  
you will get out of sandbox :(


Re: Yahoo Repellent?

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Google is being pretty good to me now. The E770v is currently only available
through Vodaphone. I think this is some sort of exclusive contract they have
with Motorola for a year. When this expires the E770v will be released on
the American market, which should supply me with the bulk of my traffic. I
Still need to get Yahoo interested though!


I Liked my Phone So Much I Made a Web Site About it.

Re: Yahoo Repellent?


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It probably isn't. Yahoo can take a year and a day, or twenty minutes,
to index stuff. It's wacky. Go figure. This is lamentable, but we
don't see any point in losing sleep. Move on, my son. Move on.

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Catchy name for it, too.



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