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Am I living an a planet different from the rest of you?.

My Yahoo results have totally changed, and remind me of what they were
before Yahoo showed Google results about a year ago.

The new results are closer to the Yahoo Directory.

BUT,,,,,,,,I have checked with a few friends, and no one can see what I can!

What is happening? Am I in a time warp?

Or are there any real changes underway, and I am by chance getting my
results from a Yahoo server ahead of the rest?



Re: Yahoo new results

I'm still getting the google results so either you're ahead of the rest
of us or something is going on with your browser.

Re: Yahoo new results

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    My results have changed too...and this must be a very recent change
since I often check the rankings of my sites in the Yahoo! search results
pages.  We knew it was coming, but I am shocked to find that my sites are
completely lost now.  I suspect my sites will disappear in Google too after
the IPO thing happens.  We'll all be paying for rank soon.  I guess we knew
that's coming as well.
    U think old boys like Alta Vista might make a comeback?  Maybe Yahoo!
will leave Alta Vista alone and in the process inadvertently turn it into
the next hot search engine.  Who knows.  It could happen.


Re: Yahoo new results

M_P wrote:
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The two of you have to TROLLS or morons with nothing better to do. Yahoo
results are unchanged and still Google results if anybody cares. And NO
none of us are going to pay hundreds of dollars a month to get high
ranking. Most of us couldn't afford it and just on priciple we'd rather
see the net go under first!

Re: Yahoo new results

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    You are a very obnoxious human being.  U don't have a lot of friends, do
you?  I mean besides your network of computers.  Oh well.


Re: Yahoo new results

I apologize to you. You are partially right about yahoo results. It
seems netscape broswer shows the older yahoo results (google copy) and
IE5 shows the new yahoo resuts which are different but still use google
results but in a different order. My site that was on page two before is
now on page one and my page one site is now on page two so I guess I
lucked out.

Re: Yahoo new results

the fact remains.....OUR Yahoo results have changed!

I have no idea why!!!

but they have

I have refreshed, and refreshed again, but they remain totally different!

They are returning far less results, suggesting that the results are no
longer Google.

My guess is that Yahoo is experimenting with new results on a particular

What is odd, is that I get the old results using Netscape!

Have you tried Netscape?


I typed the above before reading Larry's post!!!!!!

I am so glad that I am not losing my mind!!!!!

What is going on?
Netscape has old results.
Friends have old results.

A few individuals have the NEW results , which , by the way, were different

There are FAR LESS results for any particular search!!

What is also odd is that I have looked on forums, and found nothing.

At least I am not alone in this time warp!

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Re: Yahoo new results

I'm off to try Yahoo for my searches, spammers have completely broken

Thanks for the heads up.

I hope they all find a way to foil all the BS.  If that means paying for
rankings, then so be it.  At least that will be SOME measure of relevance.
Right now there is NO relevance any more.


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Re: Yahoo new results

97T wrote:
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Well if you don't like google yahoo won't help you any because they are
still using google results even with IE. They just changed the order of
the google results.

Re: Yahoo new results--Opera Experiment

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Hello Again:

    I just tried a search using the Opera web browser and I am getting the
old Google based results.   WEIRD STUFF.  I guess Yahoo!'s using some code
to return different result for IE.  What's the reasoning here?  Anybody got
any ideas???


Re: Yahoo new results--Opera Experiment

M_P wrote:
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Nothing new search engines do this all the time. They filter results
they get from another search engine, like google they may be using, to
create more of their own brand.

Re: Yahoo new results

Ian wrote:
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Yahoo still using google results for internet explorer just the order of
the results is different than netscape browser's show.

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