Yahoo! is on crack!!!!!

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read this:

and here's some commentary from webmasterworld:


"How much does it cost to use Site Match?
Site Match subscribers who submit less than 1,000 URLs pay an annual
review fee, which breaks down as follows:
<b>First URL: $49
URLs 2-10: $29 each
URLs 11-999: $10 each</b>
Subscribers <b>then pay a fixed cost-per-click for each customer lead
that clicks on their listing</b>. For most content categories, the
cost-per-click is $0.15, while select categories are priced at $0.30
per click."
Adding it it's one thing, you will have to pay per click too. I guess
some people can afford it.


"This is such a joke. Yahoo is on crack. Hopefully their free crawler
will be good, because most webmasters won't pay for inclusion at those
prices. Paying per clickon PFI? They are smoking some funny cigarettes
up at Yahoo HQ."


Google is loving this right now.


Chairman: "Right. We've got the mother of all search battles on our
hands. Empires will be won and lost. The big three are charging into
the ring and there will be no prisoners taken. Anyone got any ideas?"
Intern: "We could always do a Looksmart?".

Chairman & Board "Hurrah!"


That's insane!

Why would I want to pay for an inclusion program when I could use the
content match and be displayed first?

I don't get it..

Why pay 49$ then 0,15 cents per click when you could just use the old
overture system and avoid the review fee.

The 15 cents per click is just horrible.

Something is really, really wrong with this idea.


The new Yahoo is Oveture repackaged. The last time I bought into
something like this it was called Looksmart. It's official now they've
sold the results to the highest bidder and biggest spammers. They've
got to ruin AV and All the Web to complete the dominance.


OK - just think on that for a minute and do the math - .30 a click x a
conservative 2000 clicks per day - now did you really want to pay per


More than 99 percent of Yahoo's search index will consist of Web links
that don't pay fees, said Tim Cadogan, the company's vice president of


We will still be crawling aggresively for free. You will not be forced
to pay. Site match is an option for content providers who would like a
more structured relationship with the search engine. I think you are
missing the fact that we are launching free AddURL in the next few
days which gives users another option. We are also crawling the web
more aggressively.
Site Match is part of a larger content acquisition strategy which
targets public domain sites such as the library of content. This
should benefit the user and improve the comprehensiveness of the


Tim, you are drawing dead on this.
First, you should have launched the free Add URL first. Announcing
this other thing first is just dumb.

Second, I'll eat my computer if public domain sites use this.


The advertising model AOL and Yahoo used for years is dead. (selling
advertising to pay the bills) This is the only way that can make a
profit these days. While I can understand that, there are still some
of us out here that got rip off by their $299 program for directory
listings and got nothing but a 15 second visit by some low wage
employee that determined the site was not worthy of a Yahoo listing.
I'm willing to put the past where it belongs, but Yahoo has got to
show some integrity in the future or they are going to have big time
problems getting people to give them money again for a maybe game.


Let's see what "aggressively crawl the web" really means.


In an interview Monday, Google co-founder Larry Page called
Yahoo&#8217;s new system &#8220;a pretty bad thing to do. There are
plenty of profits to go around in search engines to find ways to
improve the user experience without charging fees to do it.&#8221;
more at:


Sorry if this is a dumb question but now I'll be paying $49 per url
p.a. plus 0.15 per click to appear in the search results, what
additional advantage is there to also paying $299 to be included in
the directory?
Am I missing something (apart from $299)?


Spread the gospel, man. I guarantee that we can make it difficult for


Heres the deal:
A) (Yahoo) PPC guarantees you a position at the highest possible price

B) (Yahoo) PFI gurantees that your site will be crawled at a lower
price than PPC.

C) A spot on the first page of Google gurantees that you get a lot of

Now, go figure out what you should be doing to secure more business.

17. )

I forgot to mention in my diatribe that interestingly Yahoo stock is
falling today - - -

Re: Yahoo! is on crack!!!!!

Isn't this what LookDumb, oops LookSmart did? Charging for clicks?

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Re: Yahoo! is on crack!!!!!

this is so close to the Look$ its unreal. I've got to say I've had an
account at Ineedhits for years, I tried yesterday to put 2 new clients on-
only to find that because they were different domains its $49 each, plus a
$50 deposit for the PPC.

Yahoo has taken the business model of a failed SE (Look$) and copied it, way
to go guys!!!!!


Search Engine Toolbox

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Re: Yahoo! is on crack!!!!!

Matt wrote:
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That's what happens when non-internet companies, who know nothing about
the internet, buy internet companies. The same thing happened when a
non-internet company bought GoTo a great free search engine and became
the first ones to charge. They went under and another non-internet
company bought them and re-named it to Overture figuring it was the name
that was the problem (smart thinking guys) and they went under and yahoo
buys them and here we are again. So how time do you give yahoo for
staying in business, one year, two maybe? No wonder why google put off
selling stocks right now. Imagine what google stocks will go for once
yahoo goes down!

Re: Yahoo! is on crack!!!!!

On Tue, 02 Mar 2004 10:16:25 -0800, Jake wrote:

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On one of my information-only sites, Google sent me 695 visitors yesterday.

Yahoo would charge me (695 * $.15 = $104.25) for that.

Hmm... $100/day... what *else* could I do with $100/day?

I think it's time to quote Ludwig von Mises.

"The common man is the sovereign consumer whose buying or abstention from
buying ultimately determines what should be produced and in what quantity
and quality."

P.S. If you don't know who Ludwig von Mises is -- you should.

Re: Yahoo! is on crack!!!!!

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Calm down!  They'd charge you that IF YOU NEEDED TO PAY IT.

There are some complex sites using vast and multifunctional content
management systems that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to
make spiderable, because they'd have to be completely rebuilt.

Those sites will probably pay for spidering, and can afford even these
prices (which I agree seem high).

Meanwhile, sites that don't have to be tied into an international
distribution network, handle brochure production, sales commission,
tracking complex affiliate networks, tie into the production and
distribution systems, handle availability checking and booking including
60 options across 10,000 locations  will get spidered, just like Google

That's most sites.

At any rate, that looks like what Yahoo is describing to me.  Like
Google, but with an expensive extra bit for those who just can't achieve
spiderability by normal methods.  

I think  google has had difficulty implementing Froogle (which is why
Froogle is still US-only) and that the Yahoo ppc is an attempt at a
system that can be used internationally.

Just because a service is available doesn't mean you have to buy it: the
Looksmart model fell down because it was not what customers thought they
had bought, and because there was no mechanism for listing other than
through the paid system: there is no indication that Yahoo Search will
be the same.


Clare Associates Ltd /
01822 835802

Re: Yahoo! is on crack!!!!!

On Tue, 02 Mar 2004 10:16:25 -0800, Jake wrote:

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I think this is the best comment yet.

This is like Yahoo surrendering to Google.  :-)

Re: Yahoo! is on crack!!!!!

I called yahoo today and was told the only options for organic search was
alltheweb.  She said altavista is moving or moved to the ppc model.  Someone
at Yahoo is smoking  crack.  Google just may control 100% of the search
market with this strategy.

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Re: Yahoo! is on crack!!!!!

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If you search "cars" on yahoo, you get 4 sponsor results
at the top, overture ads to the right, and 2 sponsor results
at the bottom. my wife, who is emblematic of the typical searcher,
said she does not like using Crackhoo! for this very reason.

Nothing wrong with monetizing...but if you try to fool people with
fake serps (blending paid and nonpaid which is what i think they
may try to do), it will turn people off.

And let's get real. Inktomi PFI and Yahoo express directory submission
may turn out to be a BLATANT ripoff.

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