Yahoo, Inktomi and all that other fun stuff.

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Okay, I've returned to this NG after a year of absence due to the recent Yahoo
- Google news, and well, also because I'm one of those dreaded individuals who
has benefited hugely from Google and still do.

BUT, in the past 48 hours, I've had roughly a 10% drop in visitors. For some
that may not seem like such a huge deal, but I've reason to be concerned since
that amounts to 3-500 visitors lost per day.

So, here I go, and please excuse my ignorance since I've yet to ever have to
submit to paid inclusion anywhere.

Please correct me if I'm wrong:

1- Right now I should seriously consider an Inktomi Search Submit?
2- Doing so, would put me back in with Yahoo? (since the only thing that now
appears there are those sites linking to me and nothing from my own site(s))
3- Yahoo! Express (This one has me stumped since, they don't even guarantee
inclusion for this one, and yeah, remember reading all the hoopla on this NG
regarding this subject long does all that still stand?)

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Re: Yahoo, Inktomi and all that other fun stuff.

Inktomi Search Submit is no longer taking new subscribers. They are letting
Overture takeover their operations and it does not look good. It looks like
Inktomi Search Submit is doing what LookSmart did recently. It's all about
pay-per-click now. Inktomi Search Submit has Overture to manage things and
they call it Site Match, "Pay-for-performance - Inclusion into Overture Site
Match is based on a cost-per-click price and varies by product category."
What a crock! It seems that it's going to cost money to get listed in any
search engine these day's, the blood sucking mongoloids...

The AskJeeves Teoma inclusion program is on of the few that are left that
does not suck money from you for getting included. In the long run, all the
small time web owners are going to go under because the cost of search
engine inclusion is getting out of hand. There are not many search engines
left that except free submissions anymore.


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Re: Yahoo, Inktomi and all that other fun stuff.

Someone posted yesterday that the Ask Jeeves/teoma program is ending.

I think that established sites will do OK because they are already in
the spider rotation for most search engines.  The problem will be
trying to establish a new site in the future. With the cash grab
strategies of many of the search engines, it will be almost impossible
for new sites to get traffic without significant funding.  I am afraid
that this new focus on monetization by search engines will result in a
slow down of grow on the Internet.  The best chance for smaller sites
and new sites is for a new search engine to come along and take a
significant amount of market share from the big 3 search engines.
That would force the big 3 to re-access their business models and
allow the Internet to continue to grow.

Karl Hall
KaZAZZ! Search (LuDi790) wrote in message
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Re: Yahoo, Inktomi and all that other fun stuff.

The Ask Jeeves/teoma is not ending.

This is going to be one of the few express inclusion services left that is
taking new subscribers for fast inclusion. The AltaVista express inclusion
service does not exist anymore either along with the Inktomi express
inclusion. /
They all went to Overture Site Match.


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individuals who
have to
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