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I'm awfully curious.

Where in hell could Yahoo's thinking be these days? Considering how terribly
awful I do with Inktomi, (despite how wonderful I do with surprise
to all, I'm sure, the contrast that is between both SE's),

...How is it? that All the Web and AltaVista plus Fast have been aggressively
scanning/crawling my site(s) and I mean even surpassing Google which means,
(we're talking HUGE here), that there's great interest and the results ARE
SHOWING as quite recent within their SERPS.

What and where will Yahoo end up at and as? Will there be a big switch-over to
an algorithm similar to that supported by ATW and AltaVista? and in doing so,
will that mean that those penalised by Yahoo and Inktomi are or should be
expecting changes in the future regarding SERPS from Yahoo?

I know I'm reaching here and NO, I'm not holding out nor hoping for Yahoo to
look upon me kindly since at the rate they're going, I'm quite upset with them,
and don't plan on changing my site(s)' structures anytime soon to accomodate
them. But as a webmaster, I felt it obligatory to ask this sort of question.

Re: Yahoo, All the Web and AltaVista

with there new ppc model, they will have to offer something above and way
beyond what google offers.  Why would any smart business person want to pay
ppc when he can use google to get a higher volume or lets same the same
volume and no fees?  This is why we are seeing more spidering.  It comes
down to value..  can you do more than the master-(google). Doubtful but I
will be watching too.


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Re: Yahoo, All the Web and AltaVista

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The thing is it takes 2-6 months to get good SERPS in Google and PPC can get
you traffic within an hour or so.

Now those of you who have been reading this NG for a while know I don't like
PPC at all but I have found it useful in certain circumstances.  If you have
a new client who needs traffic quickly, PPC is the way to go.  Having said
that, Google AdWords is the ONLY One we use now as a result of over a year
of testing.  No other PPC campaign gives us the return that Googles AdWords
program does.

Even with that said, Google's AdWords pales in comparison to how much
qualified traffic we get as a result of a solid "organic" campaign.

If a client is in a hurry, we will set them up with a very well optimized
keyword campaign through Google AdWords and keep the cost as low as possible
for hte client. During this time we build a solid organic campaign and waen
the site off of AdWords as soon as we match or beat the traffic, which
usually occurs within the first 60 days.

James Taylor

Re: Yahoo, All the Web and AltaVista

Yes, I agree wholly with your thinking as a solid approach. Hell, I myself,
despite doing extremely well with what you call a "solid organic campaign" have
seriously considered AdWords and I'm still thinking of tinkering with it.

'and not going down this route paved by Google is just one of Yahoo's many
mistakes in my humble opinion. Why not have the PFI separated on the side from
the rest of the listings and guarantee your ad there in exchange for monies

Re: Yahoo, All the Web and AltaVista

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James Taylor

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