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Recently, I subscribed to Yahoo's instant messenger service, due to a
job requirement.  I noticed that after I installed it on my machine,
every time I went to send an e-mail on any web page, I was immediately
thrown into Yahoo's e-mail service.  I thought that if I uninstalled
all of the program, it would correct the problem.  Unfortunately, I
was wrong.  It only made matters worse.  When I clicked on an e-mail
link, I got an error message stating that a Yahoo file was missing.  I
immediately began the long, difficult task of reaching Yahoo's tech
support.  I sent off an e-mail.  There was no response.  I sent
another e-mail.  I was told that they were working on it.  I called
them, and was told that I would have to pay $24.95 to correct the
problem.  I decided to contact the Executive Board.  Finally, I
received a response back.  Unfortunately, it was in vain.  For some
unknown reason, all the way up the top of the ladder in the Yahoo
corporation, it appears that noone there is capable of comprehending
simple English.  The last e-mail I received, after asking them to
please tell me how to totally uninstall Yahoo off  my computer,
instructed me on how to correct the problem to continue using Yahoo's

I find that this service is highly unethical and quite possibly
borders on fraud.  Prior to researching criminal action, I thought it
was best to put it out to the world and see if any one else has had
this problem with Yahoo.  If so, it might be beneficial to file a
criminal complaint  on them.

I would appreciate any response that may help me in fixing my computer
with this monster Yahoo.

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Contact Yahoo.

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Re: Yahoo

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Dear Cara,

Are you using Internet Explorer?
If so, go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Programs.

Then, see if Yahoo is listed as the default email program.

If it is, choose another option (for example, Outlook Express) from the
drop-down list.

Then, click OK. You may (or may not) have to restart your computer for the
new settings to take effect.


Re: Yahoo

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