"www" missing from URL after Google Re-Indexed?

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Was wondering if someone could help me. Google just recently re-indexed
my website and subpages (www.pibinfo.com) and I have noticed that all
the page listings now show up without the "WWW" infront of the URL
(pibinfo.com)  ?

Actually sometimes I get page listing results with the "www" (old
cache) and sometimes I see results without the "www" (new cache).
For example:

Put-in-Bay Visitors Guide - Nautical Art (PutinBay Ohio)
pibinfo.com/nauticalart.html - 11k - Mar 20, 2005

Put in Bay Ohio Nautical Art - Put-in-Bay Visitors Guide
www.pibinfo.com/nauticalart.html - 11k - Cached

both versions are showing up. The New one obivously has all the latest
updates cached, but all my inbound links (except one) have been linked
to www.pibinfo.com. ?

Any thoughts?

Re: "www" missing from URL after Google Re-Indexed?

sonnyk wrote:
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I am not certain, but you use a lot of relative addressing so if someone (or
Googlebot) arrives thinking it is pibinfo.com there is nothing to put them
Try adding in the head area:  <BASE HREF="http://www.pibinfo.com /">
This will use fewer characters than making all your internal links absolute,
which is the most certain way of making sure the bots know where they are.

You have one absolute link to your home page on each page.   This might be
improved slightly by adding / the end like so:
href="http://www.pibinfo.com /"

Regarding your Addtofavourites construction.  I would preferably avoid
reference to index.html# and somehow make certain that the favourites page
recorded in visitors browsers is exactly http://www.pibinfo.com/ or
Remember that Google knows what people use when they call the page and if
you have hundreds of people with the wrong url in their favourites in their
browsers you are getting logged with the wrong url all the time.  What url
do you have embedded in your own favourites list ?  Incidentally, it is not
a good idea to mention the file name index.html anywhere on your web pages.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: "www" missing from URL after Google Re-Indexed?

Eric Johnston wrote:
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someone (or
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might be
and if
What url
is not

Good advice.I'll make the changes.
Thanks Eric.

Re: "www" missing from URL after Google Re-Indexed?

sonnyk wrote:
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Eric, one more question: I received some advice and did some research
yesterday suggesting that I do a 301 redirect to www.pibinfo.com for
anyone linking or accessing my site via "pibinfo.com". With regards to
your changes youve suggested, which I have already implemented, would I
still need a redirect for this type of situation ?

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